Sunday, January 30, 2005


Just like the D4
the weeks at end, tonight's the night, well it's the weekend, so come on, alright!
party! party! party! party!
party! paaaarrrtttyyy! party! paaaarrrtttyyy!

well not really... I popped down by Joanna's place for some sort of party that she was involved in. Arriving over the hill from Aro to Newtown, I'd downed a few beers beforehand. When I arrived it was really weird, lots of people I normally wouldn't hang around with, I wormed my way through the crowd (most people seem happy to move out of the way of a scruffy bogan) until I found jess outside. She introduced me to Joanna and jimmy, who I had only conversed with over the net, funny enough we're all geeky members of NZmusic, so conversation often fell back to internet stuff and NZmusic stuff, sometimes even both...
I ended up pretty much keeping to those three, someone wanted a lighter so I brought over a candle, some guy in formal attire smacked into my hand spilling the hot wax all over my hand, burning it and causing me pain, he was pissed off I might of spilt it over him. I told him "what about my bloody hand?" which pretty much categorized the night ;). Saying that I had a great time, left at about 1:30 and popped by a party jess wanted to pop by, so me and jimmy hung around feeling awkward. The party was fancy dress and there was someone dressed up I THINK like 'Powdered Toast Man'. Something I can't explain pissed me off about him, I don't know why but as jimmy and I were leaving I felt the uncontrollable urge to hit him in the stomach. I ran off into the night, off home, hoping I didn't get a hangover.
as of now I haven't got one, go drinking enough to get tipsy but not enough to get fuck, so here's hoping for my good health...

Rock 'N' Roll!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Riding The Cusp Of Popularity

Well I do seem to be in the 'in' crowd, I have already been linked to someone else's blog... I am STILL wondering how to do that, so a little advice here or there would be most welcome. It's funny because I haven't told anyone about this yet, I didn't care about anyone reading this when I created it. So...

a) make a racket and make people come and have a look
b) let word of mouth lure people to my blog

well one of those options is definitely dreaming!
Rock on!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Homo-Erotic Tension That Is 'The Phoenix Foundation'

First of all, it's amazing how many people will show up at 8pm to watch an indie band on a Thursday at the Botanical Gardens. I'm guessing they came in their thousands, I ended up agreeing with Jess that attendance was 'officially fuckloads'. The soundshell was packed, you can see it in the picture, except there were probably four time or six times that number, there were hundreds who couldn't even see the band, they were that far away, there were numerous picnickers and people just sitting around enjoying the sounds drifting past them.
The Phoenix Foundation were good, I enjoyed them immensely. The band played some new songs of theirs, which, to me, paled in comparison to their older material (especially goin' fishing). It was good, but not as good in my eyes, to songs off their debut album 'Horsepower'. Having had my whinge, the songs were still good, so musically deep and complex. The band had a way of quickly turning beautiful light mellow songs into big screeching noise filled extravaganzas. Such a joy to watch. Slowly, as the band went through their set, more and more people braved the huge crowd staring at their backs, got up, and danced away. By the end of the bands set, there must of been atleast a hundred people standing around, swaying and dancing about at various seemingly random speeds.
word on the street is their new album is out soon, with recording having been completed recently, needing only a few more touche-ups. It's interesting to note the involvement of Lee Prebble in all of this. His relationship with the band is similar to how he works with 'The Black Seeds'. Lee is involved a lot more than just recording their albums, he is almost a member of the band, it's these two bands which Lee tries out any interesting ideas he has recording wise, and he performs the job of soundman as often as possible (I think he does it all the time for The Black Seeds) . The whole dynamic changes when your sound engineer is involved to that degree with the band. The engineer understands much more closely what the band are trying to do, the relationship becomes a lot more personal and empathic. You can see this in the press the collaboration, The Black Seeds consider Lee their 7th member for the reasons I've mentioned before.
I'm slowly starting to feel this with Hot Swiss Mistress, there's a curious cycle, you work on songs in the studio and know them inside out, as in all the time changes, exactly where the vocals start, how they're meant to sound. Working live on the other hand isn't so much about the songs, it's about themes, ideas and the image the band are trying to convey. Usually there are a couple of people involved in that cycle, but when it comes down to one regular person, you can see how much more personal it gets. I'm not the soundman for Hot Swiss yet, but I'm a fan of the music and I enjoy seeing them play live. It's similar to the soundman's job but much less personal, not as involved, it's less of a collaboration, the crowd is giving less than the musicians.

here comes the sun... doo doo doo dah

and lord knows how much i hate it (the sun). so hot, not clouds, possibly the worse weather for me. i don't want a tan, i gave up being a bronze Adonis in 6th form. it's "gorgeous" outside, so thats why i'm staying inside. i'm not a gorgeous person, i don't consider myself overly nice, more, selfish vain and the possesor of a rather large ego. at the moment i'm also surprisingly angry, student allowances, parents who i've never really emotionally conncected with, anger at the schooling system. the usual suspects.
current listening is carriage H and ghost plane. carriage H are a now defunct band who have turned into current underground darlings Die! Die! Die!. anyway very diffierent styles, with carrige H, more sonic noise, and ghostplane more, indie-country, beautiful little ditties with often complex arrangements...

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Events events!

Well yesterday was interesting...
I've been thinking about organizing a gig around my birthday. Probably April 1stish. I'll book happy and try get some bands. At the moment, we're looking at booking Diasteradio, Hot Swiss Mistress, Gruesome, K1500 Project, Goldenaxe and probably a few more.I'm reminded of 'Waynes World 2' (if you haven't seen it, see it) when the ghost of Jim Morrison says to Wayne: "if you book them, they will come". So I'm interested to see how that goes...
I've been thinking of starting a band for a while and yesterday it came to me. Gina, Bernie and I had talked jokingly about starting a rap-Godcore band. Ideas had floated around in my head and then I thought "fuck! Why not make this serious, keep it minimal, just the three of us, with a drum machine aka the Doublehappys. So I'm keen about it, our name might be 'Lazarus Got Mad' but we have to sort that out, it's a cool name...
along with this, I saw an ad for the Cuba St carnival asking for floats for the end of festival parade, so all I'll say about that is Sam and I am now a member of 'Dancing For Jesus (Cause He Can't Anymore)'.
I came to that point in my day, as I was walking back from the old Hoyts on Manners now 'Regent on Manners' with Heather having seen The Incredibles. Wow! It was sooo good, and definitely unexpected. It was not like any previous Pixar movies I've seen (Toy Story, Bugs Life etc.). The theme is that superheroes keep getting sued by the people they save (smashing buildings, stopping them committing suicide etc.) so all the superheroes are forced to remain hidden as their secret identities and not come out as superheroes. That is until a supervillan (well maybe not super but definitely a villain) comes and threatens the world. Now Mr Incredible and Elastigirl got married and had three kids. Two of the kids have powers (speed and invisibility + telepathic abilities) and the third is only a baby (who's doesn't seem to have any powers). Now the reason the movie works is that it's not cheesy kiddy pap, the Incredible family is disfunctional and real. The film is done SO well! I loved it and I really really recommend it to anyone! Just amazing

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Today is the precursor for tomorrow

i have decided to start guitar today, it's been bugging me for a while, tomorrow i start.

Monday, January 17, 2005

From Then It's Into The Sun...

So we arrived at the ferry terminal on the 27th of December, courtesy of me dad (he fills a lot of our moving requirements, bless him) and hoped on. It was packed on the ferry. We squeezed in next to a window and tried to play cards. I got some playing cards from my mum for Christmas. The stupid card manuel was unintelligible. the packaging is all fancy looking, but once you get down to it. it was almost impossible to play so we ended up playing good ol 'Snap', good ol fashinoned simple fun!
having disembarked from the ferry, we serveyed the chaos. anyone familiar with the Picton Terminal will know it is usually quite spacious. Not today! it was 5-people thick, so i had to use all my leather-jacketed brawn to wedge my way through to get the bags (i do it pretty well, i might say). trouble was i had no idea what half of them looked like (another thank you to my dad there, for sleeping bags and big macpac tramping bag), so i had to drag heather into the throng, get her to spot em, then wedge my way in once again and retreive them.
heathers dad (Keith) came by to pick us up, he had a new girlfriend (Jane) and drove us to heather's mum's (Val) place in blenheim. heather's brother stuart is like the anthesis of Heather. male, slow, brutish, possesor of a lengthening criminal record, a drug habit. all in a rather lengthy 17 years. now we've always joked about Stuart being rednecked. but when we arrived at Val's place, we were greeted by two inmobile cars on her lawn, all that was needed were bricks underneath the wheels and they'd be perfect redneck-fodder. he was also walking around in a ford singlet...
Val and Heather have a strained relationship, disagreeing over whether Stuart was a wanker or not. before we left her place last year she asked who she was going to accuse of stealing when we started flatting, Heather being possibly the BEST and most consientious flatmate ever. that didn't obviously seem to linger about, and we had a quick feed. heather quickly got down to some networking and found who of her friends were currently in blenheim.
we went and saw her friend Jenna that night, she and her best friend Stef had spent the last year with scholarships in canterbury. needless to say the year seemed to be an alcohol induced haze. no scholarship this year! Stef had even been denied re-entry to her high acheivers hall of residence. it'd be weird to see what heather would have done if i hadn't met her as she would have gone to christchurch most definatley.
that was pretty much all we could do in blenheim execpt try to remember to go to $6 tuesdays at the movies, which we forgot of course and go to Keith and Janes for an awkward lunch.
we'd decided to go to Betty\AKA's (Nzmuso) on the 30th, as Keith was going there anyway. it was like hitch-hiking without the hassle of finding a ride!
getting into Betty's was like coming home, i find it as welcoming as going to my parent's house, probably more so actually on second thought. We'd included Aaron this year, as we thought it was the thing to do, plus of course Roo and Eion (Betty's kids and friends of ours), the twins (Melinda and Louise). we're like the regulars there now, this new years beign the third in a row we'd attended, funnily enough where me and heather first met.

next up THE CUSP!

Just a Hint of Heather Posted by Hello

How Soon Is Now?

fucking slack motherfucker i am i will write of my adventures in maoriland beginning with the departure of Heather and I to martinbourgh on the 25th...
my dad came around in the morning with my brother Aaron and we packed away in their car to Upper Hutt, where we were to up pick Deb and Tess up from the station. they'd decided to take the train as it was free that day. the car now feeling a lot more squashed, we drove over the Rimutaka Ranges to the sunny Wairarapa (home, funny enough to most of Hot Swiss Mistress) to Deb's mum's house.
a nice big lunch later and we're off home again. and it was straight into getting ready to see my mum the next day. due to my having quit work i actually had the day free, which ended up with nothing happening at all!
i'd glazed a ham, brough some cheese and crackers plus some chocolate milk. Porirua is one of the most northerly points that Heather has traveled to, she also doesn't go on trains very often, this leads to ever ride being an adventure. Mum is unempolyed at the moment, has been for like 10 years so she lives out in the ghetto also known as Cannons Creek. She had a nice collection of food, really good potato salad, nuts and apricots and to cap it off, some rich chocolate mousse.
we handed over presents and i instantly felt bad, as she got me the Blerta record. i had seen it in real groovy a few months back, and knew it cost ONE HUNDRED SHEMOLEANS...
i felt real bad about it, as shes on the dole, and $100 is a lot of money to spend...
after we finished at mum's. Heather, Aaron and I decided to head home, one problem. The last bus to the station had left fifteen mintues earlier! fuck!
so we walked 45 minutes to Porirua Train Station, to find, luckily, that the trains actually left at 35 past the hour instead of the 8 past it is before 8pm...
and once at the Railway bus stop in Wellington we found to our luck there was a bus stopping like 5 mins from our flat! good luck for us...
once home it was a short sleep and then packing for our trip to the South Island!

To Be Continued.