Thursday, February 24, 2005

When Jon Finds Himself amongst The Skanks And Preps Oncemore...

Ok, now to get you into the right mindspace I'll post some of the inane comments floating around amongst the munters at Vic.

"I'm doing cabbage subjects! (said very proudly of course)"
"Are there any sports bars at Vic? Cause I like sports and I like Bars!"
"It's sooo good! I start class at One and finish at Four, that means I can check out chicks!"

That is some of the academic excellence that I have chosen to mingle with, along with the gangsters at the back of my media studies class glaring down at the rest of us, rather threateningly I might add!
At my first class (media studies 103, a study of popular culture) I sat next to a guy with earphones in his ears and a glazed look in his eyes. Funnily this happened more often than I expected, I actually saw quite a few people asleep.
English Literature: Past Masters, is mostly populated by women, so my being there was weird enough, the fact that a late 30's early 40's guy with a handle bar and a crew cut, who I decided would be called Gus, showed up was FUCKING weird, but you take that shit in your stride. Blah Blah Blah is how I'd paraphrase my first two days, as the boring old issues were re-gurgitated one class after the other.
Luckily I'm enjoying my classes, pretty much it's as if I were in 7th form English, which funnily enough was my favourite subject, which is funnily enough why I choose these subjects, funny that! I must be seem so awkward at the mo, as more often than not I'm seated next to women, being in a long-term relationship I'm not in tooo much contact with em, but I'll tell you, going to each new class and talking to the new person next to you really builds up the small-talk I'm even at head-nodding stage with a few peeps!
AND lastly, for ENGL111 there are two doors to get into the lecture room, one is further along the corridor than the other, everyone entering and leaving goes through the nearest door. So by the time people can finally get through the closest door, I'm sweet and seated turning my nose up at the sheep spilling into the room.
Gotta love that elitist feeling!

Friday, February 18, 2005

A nother fine shot of her bountiful bunch (not THAT bunch you dirty scoundrel!) Posted by Hello

Ok here, finally are pictures of the flowers i got Heather, ignoring my crude wraping, they don't look too bad now do they? Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Cusp, a belated recounting of my adventures in Nelsonland

Ok, so where were we? Yeah that's right! So the day of the Cusp had turned up, Heather and I went into town for a bit to get some 'us' time. We went to Penguino's, which is an ICE-CREAM cafe, beat that! So we stopped by there, joined the long queue. On hot days I lose any desire for food and lust after drink upon drink upon drink so at Penguino's I was in a pretty happy place, and wow those ice creams were good :) leaving a long smile on our faces, that's for sure. Following that the next hour or two were spent wandering around Nelson until round 5pm, when we were expected at Trafalger Park (the great venue for the all the cusp's so far).
Now every year so far we (as in Heather, Betty, Roo, Eion, The Twins etc.) go to Trafalgar Park and it's fucking organised, drinks, buns, food in general, we kick anyone else's arses who attend cusp's in terms of preparation, much due to Betty's highly organised eye. She doesn't let anything slip, so it allows us to laugh at the sunburnt folk and the hungry folk. This year was no difference, making the afternoon-evening that much more contented and enjoyable.
The line-up was weak in comparison to previous years, with Shihad taking up most of the available cash allocated for the wooing of bands. Leaving little in way to entice any decent bands to play alongside Shihad. Below is a brief summary of the bands I saw.

Wicked Draw
They're Nelson-based reggae. That's it pretty much, mellow reggae nothing groundbreaking, but nothing amazing.

From Christchurch they play boring contrived nu-metal "the future of rock" as they call themselves, well if this is the future fuck that! Fake and false, i couldn't find anything to like about them.

Master Pilot
Nelson hip hop, I've seen them a few times now, apparently they have toured with pretty much every big NZ hip hop group. Again good but nothing that grabbed me. The end of the Set, heralded a weird hip-hop David bowie jam, with some white musicians jamming away

16 Oz (16 Ounces)
Are from Mt Maunganui I thought they were Nelson Lads in that Daz (the organizer and of the best Nelson band possibly ever) joined them to play, rootsy, world music.

The Tuesdays
Boring, cliched rock 'n' roll, I can't see how they're going to make any headway in the competitive Auckland scene, derivative and dull. I think they have gotten worse in the two or three years since I last saw them, if you want to see a good girl fronted band go see Lady Luck.

4 Man Bob
White-boy ska, they finally drew a heavy-moshing crowd to the front of the stage. If you know 'The Reel Big Fish' or 'Less Than Jake', you'll know what 4 Man Bob sound like. Energetic and unoriginal but that's not what's about, in terms of personal opinion look at my review of Wicked Draw.

Christchurch band Falter were winners of the 2003 Cokesmokefreerockquest National Final. Overrated and underwhelming, winning a Rockquest over the likes of The Rabble (Do they still exist?) and The Checks (They certainly DO still exist!) Falter seemed to have a cherry future ahead of them, sadly every time I see them, they disappoint me with weak songwriting and weak performances, I know they could be big, but they never seem to play anywhere near where I suspect they could.

Now Paselode rock, and it was at the Cusp that I realized that. Why? They groove, I usually looked for them to be real heavy and hard, yet that's not Paselode, they're a band more about beautiful little melodies and dittys with a ton of groove and a good vibe, the aim of the band. They have this Ballard 'Be Gone' and it blew me away. They were great and could have really finished it off with a strong finish, although stopped with three songs to go so Shihad could come on. Is it just me or is it Gerome that is the weakest link in Paselode? The rest of the band are now tight as fuck and together, play very strong, Gerome seems a little fake and some of his crowd banter almost makes me blush with embarrassment. Apart from that they kicked arse.

Well I had been looking forward to Shihad the whole night, they were the band myself and over 10,000 other fans and curious passersby came for and they the worst I have ever seen them, possibly the worst performance I have ever seen. They sucked, simple as that, I don't mean physically, cause they were as solid as a band who've been together for 17 years can only be. But that's the point, they have been together for 17 years and they looked it plus some. The band looked like they were going through the motions, so as to grab their fee and piss off, this is shown best in his chant of "Hello Napier" (the night before...). They pulled out the usuals and I must admit, 'Home Again' to fireworks as new years counts down, does rock. But Shihad that night were a poor shadow of the Shihad I was hoping to see. For me, it was losing faith in my favourite band, I just felt jaded and old. Shihad were the band I went through my teenage years to...

Following the Cusp, we wound our way to The Trafalgar Centre to see what was now looking like being the savior of my night, beer and Degrees.K! The After Party (which is what it was) was great, I was down and Degrees.K were on fucking fire! I was up front going crazy, air guitaring with the guitarist Charlie J Underwood and Screaming along with Deano (the bassist) at appropriate points in DK songs. They played with a passion and a hunger I couldn't see that night in Shihad and it made me realize that while in my teens, Shihad were gods, now I've found through hanging out with them, that they're normal guys, guys who get old, change, just like anyone else. And damn! DK were good :) that really made my night...

Next up, the day after (replete with hang-overs and more) and beyond.

Boys with time on their hands are boys who get up to mischief!

I rang up a George's school today, to talk about this band we're supposed to be starting. The receptionist wouldn't let me speak directly to George so I told the receptionist my name was Jonathan Junior (the fancy variant of my log-on) and that I was a relation from England, who had just arrived in the country and that I'd lost my contact numbers for everyone I knew in New Zealand, so i needed George to ring me. I left my number with the Receptionist and told her to get George to call me ASAP.
BUT somehow George's MUM got involved and rang ME up! (I'd like to know how that came about...) So George's mum is a) Pissed off and B) Confused at who this person is (thats a bad mix in a parent) so she has rung me up and goes " is this John Junior" and I (being the slow-thinking fellow i am) said "yes", bad choice admitting I was the mysterious quasi stalker, so she starts up about demanding to know who I am and that George doesn't know who Ii am, she asked me what I thought about that!
Ii then paused. So did she. And then I hung up and unplugged the telephone line so George's mum couldn't ring back.
Now is that not a fine example of conflict resolution and maturity? I've decided that I need to go to Uni fast, before i really get in trouble!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentines day, not quite what i expected...

Moped around most of the day, i met Heather at 10amish, I gave her the Roses and wasn't she impressed! The rest of the was spent playing computer games and playing guitar. Tomorrow I make a CV and distribute it!
Heather came home with her Valentines day present... The Shins new album 'Chutes Too Narrow', on vinyl even. It's so good! I fully recomend it! So do Pitchfork here! It rocks :D.

I love being a Romantic Commando

Yes I admit it. I am a "Romantic Commando". My recent outing (last night in fact) has made me realise this, and i have to come out in the open about it. I don't care about Valentines Day, it's a corporate sham and also it's the WORST day to give a "love inspired" gift, as it's the day everyone is expected to. I took Heather out for a picnic last week, to the Botanic Gardens, it's beautiful there, sitting in the shade, we ended up chucking bread to the sparrows and watching them battle over a whole raspberry bun, it was the best fun we'd had in ages. That is what Valentines Day is about, cept it can happen on any day, and any day is better than Valentines day.
So ANYWAY, Heather does like gifts and what not, so i planned a while ahead to grab some roses from the Rose Gardens at the Botanic Gardens (which seems to be my favourite place in town, for good reason too). So I rang Bernie and organised to stay at his place, mission out under cover of darkness and grab some roses, 22 in fact as the 13th is our monthly anniversary and it had, the day before, occured 22 times. So at 10pmish I stalked through the Aro Valley, over the fucking annoying high hill. To the Rose Gardens. I was walking ever so quietly, when in the bushes to my left i heard someone walking around, i stopped and listened, they seemed to be trying to hide, from the sounds they were making. Sick of tracking this mysterious strangers movements, i walked on. The Rose Garden was empty bar the people cleaning up in the nearby cafe and the caretaker ending his work for the day. I scoped out the dell, figuring out where Bernie and I could enter unseen.
Rendevouing at Bernie's, we sorted out our gear, balaclava (it just made me look guilty of something), scissors etc. and off we went! Walking over the hill to the Herb Gardens, we sat, waited and watched the Rose Garden's for any sign of movement. A couple of people stolled by, quickly pilfering a rose for a loved one (maybe). Having made sure the coast was clear, we made our way down to the gardens. Bernie stayed on guard and i sloped off to the roses, finally ending in a prolonged bout of commando crawling so as not to be seen from the caretakers office. Heather hates the big bloomed roses, so i had to get the ones just preblossomed. In the dark this was harder than it seems, but in the end (30-45 mins later) i did it. A couple of times i saw a car come out and a man get out and walk around, i'd hide in side the rose bushes or press against a hedge so he didn't see me. Bernie says he was a sercurity guard and he (Bernie) distracted the security guard from where I happend to be at the time.
I stayed the night at Bernie's, so Heather wouldn't know what I had up my sleeve. Once I got back, i wrapped the roses up in two pretty coloured peices of paper (pink and green) and tyed them together with two pink peices of lace (there are pictures, cept i can't access them at the mo. they will be up soon). Heather loved them, more so because i commited a crime in my love for her.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Checks Tonight?

Thursday, February 10, 2005

How Could Anyone Possibly Know How I Feel?

Ok I'm going to have a 'Morrissey'. I'm off to Uni this year, and so in the time honoured tradition of Uni students nationwide, I'm looking pushing my course related costs as far as they can go ($1000). i was looking at getting three sm57's and the respective cabling to complement my sole sm58 and my 8-track tape machine (when i get it). The problem is Heather is deadset against it. So much so, she took away my estimate, which i need in order to get the $1000. She thinks it's a waste of time and money, she doesn't like the fact I'll be borrowing money to get it, as she doesn't like any sort of borrowing and that includes student loans. She doesn't believe that i can make anything out of my recording, just like she doesn't think i can make anything out of the band I'm slowly getting together, she asks why I'm doing this when i can't do anything (i.e. play any instruments). It's getting more and more frustrating, as i don't see any encouragement from her. It's seems to me (and i could very well be wrong) that the only encouragement is for getting into journalism, as this is a "respectable" interest, one that will make money and a job. i know she cares about me and doesn't want me to get hurt, but it failed with my parents and really soured our (mine and my parents) relationship, I'm very stubborn when it gets down to it.
the problem is my passion first and foremost is music, whether recording it, reading it, listening or performing it (well I'm not sure about performing yet). She doesn't seem to believe i can make anything out of recording or performing music, her attitude towards me seems to resemble my step-mum Deb, treating me like a little boy, who doesn't know shit and needs to be protected from his own stupidity, and it hurts.

Monday, February 07, 2005


My arse is fucking chaffed! teach me for walking around in the sweltering sun, yesterday! fuck!

Q. What's that in the bush? A. It's Bush-Crazy Joel!

Yesterday was 'One Love' a gig put on by Radioactive in memory of Bob Marley's birthday, at the velodrome, on a fucking hot day, yesterday. I'd organised to go with Gina and Bernie, meeting at Bernie's in Thorndon. Problem was, Gina was late. So Bernie and I walked down to the Cenotaph via Thorndon New World. Mmmmmm Danish! Gina had brought some friends with her, some nice, some tarty, I won't go anymore into that...
jumping on the bus the four people ahead of me got clipped on as students, so the bus driver assumed I was as well, whoop! $1 saved is $1 spent later on chips! We jumped off at the Hataitai shops and wandered off to the Velodrome. Once we had arrived, we were saddened to find any shade within easy reach was taken! So we spent an hour looking for somewhere to sit in relative comfort (it must have been at least 30 degree's it was scorching!). i had the stupid idea to walk through the bush and go sit on the cliff's overlooking the velodrome. Bad idea. We went up a moutain bike track i can swear wasn't overgrown with blackberry and gorse last year, to arrive at the mount vic road, where by, we released that you can to climb up from the Velodrome. We tramped down through the bush, i kicked a hidden stump with my left shin and my shin definitely came off worse. So we sat down in overgrown wild grass, feeling stupid for having come all that way and finding a shit spot...
i decided to go to my parents (a scant 15-20 minutes walk away) and grab a rug and umbrella from them. Getting there i talked with my dad about the current kerfufel surrounding the Split Enz documentary. There are a number of interesting discussions about it around the internet, mostly concerning the fact it will be closely guarded and only people in NEW ZEALAND can hear it. Anyway it is streamed on the Radio NZ website, as mentioned before to NZ IP addresses only. Now, as a rudimentary sound engineer i have programs which can easily record what's playing through my speakers. So that's that one solved.
anyway having taking possession of the umbrella and rug, i set off again, not before my parents gave me a mini-juicie, ohhh that frozen juice ice block was, lordly, amazing, just the benefit of having a little cold brick in my pocket rocked! Everyone else at the velodrome (while I'd left they had gone back to the actual Velodrome, not staying where we'd agreed they would) was soo soo jealous, it made me feel even better about the juicie than i had before (which in itself is quite a feat). So anyway now (at maybe 2pm by now) i picked my ears up to the music being played.
DJ Topknot was the opening "act" that day, I've seen him play sets around town and a strong Reggae vibe he lay down, which really suited the oppressive sunlit day, nothing less mellow could have worked.
The Scribes of Ra started up soon after i started paying attention, although hampered by a poor sound mix, the band got off to a good start, I'm told by those who know more that the band usually play a more up-tempo set usually, but what they played was fine, i enjoyed it. It's an all star collection of musicians who play some "Wellington scene", Reggae\dub music, ala Trinity Roots, Fat Freddies Drop and most other local big bands. so we (Louise had joined us by then) sat down (in the shade i might add) and soaked it all up.
once The Scribes of Ra had finished, there was a short wait till MC Rankin' Joe andThe Blood and Fire Soundsystem started up, not being very knowledgeable on Reggae or it's other sub-categories. But Rankin' Joe was great, he seemed to be just be letting out a stream of conscious flow of words "We're in Wellington!, nuclear-free by the sea" etc. i was swaying back and forth enjoying the flow, in between lying down for a nap half way through his set ;).
once that had finished, we waited about and watched all the stoners up front dance about until the sun finally covered the entire Velodrome (it had been slowly creeping closer and closer to the stage steadily through out the day). i needed to go do my stuff and deciding to go against the "don't wee in the bush" request by the Radioactive DJ's i went off into the bush, it wa soo much fun, running around the bush jumping through blackberry bushes and gorse "trees". i found a couch just above where we were seated and a washing machine, lots of fun, bar the cuts i got under one of my nails and on the join of one of my fingers and my hand. This all led to a suggestion of a trip out to the Orongarogna's (a mountain range to the east of Wellington). Good fun it sounds like.
i told Bernie about "Gay's Knob" a place on Mount Vic where "apparently" gay men in the early 80's, 90's and today, would stand and wait for other interested gay men to come along and have a gay ol time. Of course he wanted to know where it was so, there was MORE walking uphill. It was a bit of a disappointment really, it looks just like any other knoll around, barring the two short-short wearing male tramper-types who were walking down the hill when we came by... Having made our way down to Newtown without scratching ourselves anymore, we stopped by my old's place to grab a ride and meet Tess, she was playing up for the crowd like always, trying to draw (rather successfully) on both Aaron and a few of the chairs.
dad dropped Louise at her place, with Bernie, Gina and I getting off at Courtney Place for Gina to get on the bus. Bernie and I decided we were going to make up a small race-track out of my slot car set, so we walked off, Gina's buss didn't pass us until the CD & DVD store on Dixon St, which was a laugh as we were walking fucking slow.
Slot cars as always were fun, we made a short track and proceeded to race each other, with the honors being about 50\50. Bernie seemed to have a knack at knocking my car off the tracks at the few intersection points on the map...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hurricane me!

So Kathrine Rich is going to be dumped by Don Brash for not agreeing with his quasi-90's dole schemes? Again Don Brash has not talked fully with his spokeswomen about his (sarc) revolutionary ideas, and again he has stormed out (annually now, at the Orewa Rotary Club rooms first last year and now this year) of the National Party castle, swords drawn (all Anglo-Saxon style) preaching his far right views.
I really don't have too much to say about Brash's treatment of his MP's and his views on pretty much everything. Except to say, the 1990's were SO last century! Having seen my mum live on the dole for the last 10+ years and currently residing on it myself (atleast till Uni starts, when I'm going to have to start borrowing again) span (ner in the works) has some good things to say
it's cloudy and misty out here in "sunny" Wellington it's definitely not publicity weather, let me say that much!
I really should try get a job, a nice 10 hour part-timer would do well, something like that so I can live comfortably this year. Josh (old workmate at new world) leant me the books for one of my ENGL courses at Uni this year, good bastard he is! We did a swap and I gave him 5 CDs worth of flying nun song's he says he's keen for the chills, good taste he has!
and speaking of good bastards, the president of the Ukraine seems to have his head screwed on the right way, I don't care what part of the political sphere someone happens to inhibit. Just as long as they deliver the goods. And Mr. Yushchenko seems to be on the right track.