Saturday, March 26, 2005

//"If the president of the United States really cared about the issue of the removal of feeding tubes, then why did he sign a bill as governor in Texas that allows hospitals to save money by removing feeding tubes over a family's objection?" asked Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) during the House debate.

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan said Monday that the Democrats had made "uninformed accusations" and that the president was consistent in signing both the Schiavo legislation and the 1999 legislation in Texas.

"The legislation that he signed into law actually provided new protections for patients…. Prior to the passage of the '99 legislation that he signed, there were no protections," McClellan said.//

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Good god, can these men hear what they are saying! Sorry for this bluster but fuck! If ever there was a case for doublespeak, then here it is!
On another note, I pissed off my flatmates by roasting some chilli's for dinner, the fumes have permeated the lounge and kitchen, making everyone who walks through, cough and splutter, as the arid fumes are just too much for any normal man to endure...

Who Will I Be When I Am Me No More?

After some heavy listening to some music of mine which I hold dear, plus reading the latest copy of Staple, featuring an article on Die! Die! Die!, i've come to some conclusions...
All through my life (well since I "found" Shihad) I always thought my musical expression would be heavily influenced by the band. They were like gods to me, as they are and have been to a whole generation of Kiwi musos and fans. Yet everything I have done that I deem worthwhile for others to hear (surprisingly little ;) of my total output) is heavily influenced by the bands that influenced Shihad. The Skeptics, Headless Chickens, Bailterspace\The Gordens with my other influences being The Birthday Party, The Clean, Straitjacket Fits, JPSE, Tall Dwarfs.
The Staple article talked about how D!D!D! wear the same influences (The Skeptics, Headless Chickens, Bailterspace\The Gordens in case you forgot) on their sleeves as Shihad, yet Andrew (lead singer) was very antagonistic towards Tom (Who is the major media mouthpeice for the band) and Shihad in general (opening for Shihad while in Carrige H, while the doors remained locked, with the crowd outside?). This went on until for various reasons they came to realize that they shared a lot of common influences. It's funny how Andrew came to Shihad from their influences and yet I come from the opposite direction, following up on Shihad's influences.
My idea for this band that i'm slowly forming is one of a big guitar based band with a swag of electronic backing tracks, early Headless Chickens is a biggie for this, nothing flashy, just a fucking solid backing, with guitars, keys and vox over the top. What's really getting to me is the big guitar parts of JPSE and Bailterspace, that is big solid chunky guitars. I know there is a similarity with The Fanatics. My main beef with them is their live performance, studio bands are fine, but the band DOES try to play live and the guitar and vox don't cut it. Disasteradio has a fuckload of songs up his arse which he can't play live, as he doesn't have the technology, but it's the creating of those sounds in all it's synth glory which is part of the fun of it. This is all my own opinion, but if Dave could actually re-create some of the song's live then I think there'd be more to thicken out the bands sound. Thats where the simple (doesn't always have to be) drum beat comes in, something to build on live, the beat. I hope that this band goes forth, because Bernie is quite a talented fellow, Gina i'm not so sure about, I know she has talent, she's pretty good at what ever she puts her mind at, she's just shy and modest when it comes to music. There are some interesting possibilities at work here.

ON another note entirely, Fiday the 1st (next week) is the first gig that I am putting on. Very long story (which will probably come out next week) but i'm going to sing a few songs for Glove Power probably Gates of Steel by Devo and Gaskrankinstation (yet to be confirmed). It should be a BALL!

p.s. I've uploaded the poster as well, ain't the ASCII porn beautiful?
p.s.s. read all the links, they're fucking interesting, not boring official website shite

Friday, March 25, 2005

Science: Lab-Made Fireball May Be a Black Hole

Ok. So some boffins in the USA have created a fireball they think might be a "black hole", aparently...

//even if the ball of plasma is a black hole, it is not thought to pose a threat. At these energies and distances, gravity is not the dominant force in a black hole.//

Sorry but all the science fiction i've been subjected to, has left me with the distinct lack of trust with all thigns concerning black holes. In my desire to rark up my (irrational) fear of black holes, I looked them up on google. I found some results here:

To see why this happens, imagine throwing a tennis ball into the air. The harder you throw the tennis ball, the faster it is travelling when it leaves your hand and the higher the ball will go before turning back. If you throw it hard enough it will never return, the gravitational attraction will not be able to pull it back down. The velocity the ball must have to escape is known as the escape velocity and for the earth is about 7 miles a second.

As a body is crushed into a smaller and smaller volume, the gravitational attraction increases, and hence the escape velocity gets bigger. Things have to be thrown harder and harder to escape. Eventually a point is reached when even light, which travels at 186 thousand miles a second, is not travelling fast enough to escape. At this point, nothing can get out as nothing can travel faster than light. This is a black hole.//

SHIT, this is reminicent of the bloody Terminator series! Now i'm scared...

Monday, March 21, 2005

So You Throw A Tanty And No One Notices

Well what to say?

In Memorial
This plaque commemorates an Oak tree
That graced this site for forty years
It was felled by the bureaucracy in December 1990
To make space for one more car

A tiny plaque hidden away at the bottom car park at Vic, pretty sad really, describes how I feel already about the management at Vic...
One thing can interests and rarks me up at the same time, is the take up of religion among teenagers and 20somethings at them mo, there is an increase in numbers of people going back to church. Destiny and other more po-active churches seem to have brought people back to church, maybe because of a desire to have something to fill their lives?

Uni is boringly chugging along, so many people just mucking around, spending two hour lectures texting etc...
I've been thinking alot about my eliteist leanings, as deep down, I see myself as being better than the "common folk", the thing is I know i'm intelligent, but am I? I've never really pushed myself at all, so how do I judge myself? and if I do, how can I really think that, is it just that I want to feel individual? Is that why I do what I do?

Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

//All these principles will take effect immediatly and at the time of this actual post. This war will go on until the preps are eradicated - We iz up against an enemy more evil than Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, George W. Bush and Skeletor combined. And can I Ask - "Is the Sales assistant at glassons, Sussan, Cue, Jay-Jays, Jaqui E, Just Jeans, Hannahs, and Shoe Connection who sells Provocative Premiscuios Clothing, Footware or Bracelets any better than a person who molests a young girl, Sells 'P' to an 8 year old schoolboy or napalms innocent Iraqis?" Absolutely not. and The Government - Why arent they putting a stop to this evil. NO DISTINCTION is made between those who are preps and Support and Harbour Preps. They are all Criminals. Here are some shocking examples of Evil - They have corrupted our children, fouled our morals and are criminals beyonf imagination.//

Ahhh the beauty of a borderline made up person, Lucifer Sam (or Chris to those who know him well) rants and raves about preps and other such evils
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Monday, March 07, 2005

Sometimes The Specter Of Death Shows Up Quite Unannounced At My doorstep

I was planning to write a post here for a while, but you know how it is. When life isn't really worth documenting, there is nothing wrong or bad happening, it's just that there isn't anything worth wasting mine or anyone else's time by documenting the day to day rigmarole that is an impovished students life.
Jonah is a close friend of mine, I first met him when he was flatting in the granny flat of the "Echo House" next to my parents house in Newtown. He was\is a committed vegan, and quite possibly the best dumpster diver and general jack of all trades that I have ever met, constructing a whole manner of creations, ranging from a very sturdy bunk bed, so as to make use the small space of the granny flat more efficiently, to a trailer made out of a shopping trolley, for his bike. To put it simply he was a person I had had little contact with up till then, someone who wasn't relatively well off, who lived on the dole and didn't really fit in with the corporate life that I at the time was pretty keen in joining. He also had a mint record collection.
Without getting all soppy, I would say he along with my girlfriend Heather, is one of the most important people in my life so far. During my teenage years (well I'm not out of them yet, but I count my self in a different phase now) at college, he provided a very different lifestyle to the one pressed on us at school. I'm not much of a recycler at the mo, but compared to what I was, I'd say there is a big jump to where I am now. Due to his influence on me.
We'd talk about stuff, as you do, things that got him passionate, like his vegan diet, how he made his food and of course tips for dumpster diving. I really looked up to him, he has a lot in him which I admire. I'd credit Jonah with a no small part in my decision to pursue a degree in Media Studies and English Literature, rather than a BCA in Economics and Accounting.
Cause of the friendship I have with Jonah, as soon as I had recording gear organised, I invited him over to record. He brought a whole lot of gear he'd found, to complement the gear I'd scrounged, borrowed and brought on trademe. We actually have a sizeable amount of gear. Two , two track tape machines, about 6-8 mics and a small stack of weird EQ's and preamps.
We had the room set up, almost ready to record, when Jonah said he had to pop down to his house (5 mins away) on his bike to pick up some stuff. He never came back.
At the corner of Maarama Cres and Ohiro Rd. (a fucking horrible corner if there ever was one, and one I've been surprised at so far, due to the surprising lack of crashes there). His bike plowed into a car, apparently he crumpled the driver's door, that's how hard he smashed into it. From what I can make out there was a loud commotion, with ambulance and police car and lots of worried people. Jonah rang my parents from the Hospital, to tell them he was in a crash and that's why he never showed up back at my place.
I was told that he was only in for observation, I don't know if he was saying that to not worry anyone (he apologized for ruining the recording session! Like I cared about that! Bloody modest bastard) or if there was a kink in the Chinese whispers that is anything that comes down the line from my brother.
By yesterday night he was still not home and no one at his flat quite knew what was up, so I rang up the hospital and found out that he was still in one of the wards there.
I walked over to the Hospital at 8:30 this morning to see him, upon arriving I was told that Jonah was in the Neuroscience and the-something-other-serious-sounding-ward. Now I was mildly worried and scared for his health and well being, images of a brain-damaged vegetable sprang all to easily to my mind, these images were not allayed by the lack of information regard his condition, as he was in surgery, for what the receptionist could not tell me, with injuries I was not allowed to be privy to and could on guess at in extent.
I waited in the ward waiting room from 8:30ish till 2pm before I found him, as he came out of 5 hours (or is it 6?) of surgery. His collarbone was broken, his shoulder smashed, the doctors had put a plate on his broken ankle and his left arm was badly hurt.
It was only when I talked to him, that I found out the exact details of the crash and other details, unable to be conveyed for various reasons. I stayed with him for 15-20 minutes, as he was still "pretty fucked" (in his words) from the anesthetic and morphine. Leaving him I thought how close he came to dying and I cried my own personal tears, in a bleak stark corridor in a hospital full of people with their own problems and issues much more serious than mine. It's hard when you're confronted with the sight of a friend who you know for their energy and vitality, pacified and confused by drugs and what ever else happens along with the drugs, lying in bed, prone and stiff.
For me, it was a very rude shock, you never, especially at my tender age, think of people dying or getting seriously hurt. If you do it's of old people who have lived a long life, who's bodies slowly shut down in the way the body does at the end of it's cycle. I have been spared any heavy emotional episodes in my life so far. The grandfather I knew and loved died when I was 6, so I didn't really appreciate it. The grandfather I didn't know, died when i was 14 or 15, I had never had much contact with him and so it really didn't resonate with me. My mum has had seizures every so often, once spending a week in hospital, I can't even remember why now. But this is the closest I've come to the potential for life threatening accidents or even death and it scared me.
When I've told people that this has happened, the first question is usually "Is he Alive\Dead?".

I'm glad he's alive.