Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lazy Lazy People Loitering Around, Often Called Students...

If you're bored, ring up Munt FM on STUDIO PH: 8020299

Just make the DJ's life fun, they never hear human voices, they'd love to play some Slayer for you!

The Sargent Says He's Just Back Here So Come With Me, Somewhere Randalls Gaily Singning And Set Free...


Just wiped like couple thousand words

How annoying

ok then quick sum up!

Chris Knox, best gig of my life
Missing amp, picked up by the owner, he didn't tell me and thought he'd mess with me, VUWSA forgot to pick it up
Cortina, I went around on the weekend, their album sounded great when I came, with some suggestions here and a big fuck off microphone, they were sounding even better

Tonight - Alabaster Theatre at Katipo Cafe on Willis St (Just next to Metro New World) Gold coin, starting at 8pm on the dot.

Heres the original one, Glove Power... What a night that was! Posted by Hello

These are the two gig posters I've done so far... Posted by Hello

Monday, May 23, 2005


Hi Nincomjoel*

If I haven't had my amp delivered back to Guitar Gallery by 5pm today,
am calling the Police.


*Name changed for non-legal reasons

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Me and Chris Knox, we walked down Lampton Quay, looking all riff raffish, trying to find the other student raggamuffins. They'd gone down The Terrace... Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 15, 2005

In Which We Thank The Host And Call It The Greatest Event Since The Last One

Orlando Bloom has just been wanking on about Kingdom of Heaven being the most important time of his life, fucking hell, every movie is now days. You don't have to gush about everything you partake in, it just starts ending up seeming false and plain rude. I beleived the shit around lord of the rings, as making a trilogy at once over like 7 years is pretty crazy and amazing. Enough with the immodesty.

//The main problem with the film is its star, Orlando Bloom. The baby-faced star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “The Lord of the Rings” has become one of the hot things in Hollywood, and all the girlies scream when they see him. I will give him credit – he tried very hard to be believable as Balian, a blacksmith who becomes a powerful leader and defender of Jerusalem – but he just doesn’t have the facial power or natural charisma to pull it off. Clive Owen would have been a great choice for this role, or even Russell Crowe, though that might have been too similar to his role in Scott’s “Gladiator.”//

A Long Time Apart Aye? Was It Fun?

A great radio show yesterday with ol Bernie, It was a ball, DJ on radio is a weird beast as sometimes you can play some really good songs but not leave happy\satisfied with the set. Yesterday was great, had so much fun, it gelled. I really dug some of the more gritty country (well gritty to me at least) shit Johnny Cash had a fouler mouth than many of the rappers out there, there'll be more from that man in the future for sure. Be good to get the show podcast soon (hears hoping) as a record of it beyond the immediate playing would rock.
Last Saturday I went to Jo's place for a dinner, ON A TABLE! It might not seem like much but I can count the number of times in the last year and a half when i've eaten on a table, let alone the fact that the food she prepared was fucking ace! Great mashed potato, a gorgeous (was it spinach?) thick delisheous soup, a tasty meat stew (yeah that vegetarianism is standing up strong, be good to remember it next time...) and some wierd chocolate log thing with fejoa and orange on the side. The best meal i've had since I was at my grannies over new years.
I got a B+ for my speech to my tute and an A for an essay I did recently. So yes I can make it at uni at the mo, it just took me too long to adjust.
An article I wrote as an assignment peice at IAT was published in Lucid (after some heavy editing by the editor). I wasn't overly happy with it, it was badly written and just plain awkward, I feel that my writing is coming along better with each peice. Just trying to figure out how to improve it is fucking important for me at the mo, as this is the time when no one cares, that I can actually make my writing decent. It's something i'm thinking about when ever I read nowdays.
My article on IAT is coming along, I need it finished tomorrow to chuck up to the Ed. It's had a tourtured gestation, taking about 4 months to develop. Hopefully its not a peice of badly written shit, as there's any important message behind it. Labour just have to make it so hard to vote for them don't they? I mean they are the best option out of a lot of losers. I'd prefer them to National or who ever else would jump in at a shift to the right, which could well happen if the "left" supporters of Labour chuck their votes lefter. Ohhh well, thats how it goes.
On other matters, Phoenix Foundation's album came out on the 16th, i'm a poor fuck so i'm looking for my reveiw copy. This is probably the album i'm most looking forward to, Shihad's album is just disapointing, good moments but an average album. I guess on a personal level Hot Swiss Mistress are the top of my list at the moment, Cortina as well as Disasteradio & why is it that my favourite Pluto song is Moscow Snow? I was disapointed with their new album, just lacking those beautiful subtleties of their earlier work, i'm sure i'll change my mind but hey! This is NOW.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Down With The Patriarchy! Up With The Nincomarchy!

Theorizing Patriarchy
Women's Studies - Essential Readings
Gender & The Politics Of History
Re-Orientating Western Feminism

It can only mean one thing! I need aome authority for my uni paper coming up! Having said that, I better actually do it!

Monday, May 02, 2005

The Day Goes On Whether You Want It To Or Not...

Booked a gig at The Katipo Cafe for May 26th, we should get a big goth prescense as Alabaster Theatre are playing, and they move in the "Underground Bodega Goth Circle". Or so i'm told. I'd like to get HSM playing, so good luck to that!
Bumped into Mark Blumsky on the street, for those who don't know he is challenging Marian Hobbs for the Wellington Central electorate, my main issue is with a universal student allowance, when asked about it, he didn't really say much apart from that he supports taking away means testing (isn't that the USA with a different name?). So nothing too concrete.
The thing is, I like him more than Marian Hobbs. She's quite aloof, whereas Blumsky seems to be a much more people person, more gregarious. Should be an interesting battle.
At the mo due to lack of anything else, it'll be a vote for Labour and then Blumsky (Won't see me wearing that suit!). I'd like to get the two together and get a good debate going, see what their opinions are.
Meeting up at Vic to discuss fees and shit, sounds dangerous and i'm never far from danger!