Monday, June 20, 2005

What To Do, When Words Are So Hard To Say

Fuck it's been a busy time for me at the mo. I'm trying to get together this tour thing down south with Cortina, Disasteradio and Goodbye Galaxy. Cortina still need to be fully convinced, but I think i'm getting through with them. Their recording is going along smashingly, it's looking more and more a finished product, with some fucking great songs on there (Slopes of love is my fav at the mo, amazing song). I've had some input, mainly with the sound of the recording, coming up with ideas and shit with Dickos, recording wise. All I can say really is it is sounding amazing, it sounds really well done, not just the playing but the sound (A biggie for me).

Heather has been away now for a week, everytime i've called (I don't think she's rung but I could be wrong) we've ended up in a fight, first off about a mix up with heather's mum's records, I thought Heather wanted a record (Patti Smith - Horses) recorded onto computer and that she'd cleared it with her mum, I grabbed I think it was rumours by Fleetwood Mac and some shitty Rolling Stones album. Anyway Heather's mum found me at this and was like WTF!? and so I was just wanting to get out of it and told her not to tell Heather, I can't remember why but I did. Anyway I ring Heather when she's in Blenheim and she just goes at me over that (I couldn't even remember it properly on the spot to start with) fully, unrelenting, really digging at me over it and i'm just absolutley shell-shocked, it was so direct and interogatory over such a small matter. I couldn't say shit after that. Just today, I rang her, having not spoken for a couple of days I was really keen, I went through my weekend, from seeing the murder investigation down at Princess Bay (Bodybags and all) at the Cortina recordings, to going through to Joanna's with a crate of beer and finding her fucked by some nasty mossie bites (she mentioned grangrene and absesses...). We started talking about this tour, now I'm keen to play Blenheim and Queen Charlotte College in Picton (My mum's old hunting ground). But heather was saying stuff about us having to do postering and not getting anyone and losing money etc. So I said we should get the local trust who would be providing the venue to do 100 posters for us, she started saying how they were doing us a favour, and as we'd charge gold coin, bring our own PA with me on sound at no cost. With no demands or anything. And she started saying we arn't rockstars. WTF! It hurt, she made me feel like I was being an outrageous tour promoter, maybe I was and needed it to be told. But again she really hammered into me, really hell and fury, leaving me feeling numb and shell-shocked again. Hurt. I enjoy talking with Heather about shit, she's so sharp and inciteful on stuff, from posters to putting on gigs, to proofreading my writing. Just this was too much, and left me feeling unable to say anything, I think something has to be said...

It's 1am and I'm not tired, I work best at night (anyone else feel the same) and Heather can't sleep without me round, so invariably I get to bed round 10pm or 9. I've been feeling recently that some space would be great, not breaking up, but just having some space. I've been writing shit for a while now, poems and shit, getting more comfortable with my voice, and sometimes Heather can just be real cutting, i'm a dreamer and she's more real than me. I know everyone else has this shit, but WTF, this is MY blog so all those people out there reading this (Jessie, Jo and Noizy so far as I know) can deal with it!

On more recording fronts, Hot Swiss need to do something NOW! Wanna know why? Cause Ben the drummer is going to France for 3 months. Dickos and I are going to keep an eye on it and get something respectable out, keep you posted on events as they unfold.

My radio show is coming along, Bernie and I are getting better together and should really get more folk on air. Look for Disasteradio sooner than later. Maybe Noizy will get back to me on podcasting the show... Crazier shit has happened

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bright Star, Flying Far, Far Away To A Larger Sky

Cya Jessie, I don't write posts directed at people often (ignoring my livejournal that is). I met you last year, when I was desperately looking for a band to fill in a recording slot (Hot Swiss are such a link for you aren't they?) and you got em in. Spending more and more time I guess i'd call you a friend, I hope you share that opinion of me as well. Your one of the most interesting people I know, shit how many lawyers you know manage a band on the sly?
Barring that, you were one of the best people to hang around with. You're always a goodtime (To anyone else reading this there are NO sexual connotations at all) and I always enjoyed chatting with you at gigs or where ever. Fucking good luck where ever you end up, I look forward to seeing you here, or overseas if we bump into each other. There are a lot of people going to miss you here, remember that and give us the privilage of the occasional hello and meet up if you manage to come back.
Enjoy yourself, and I hope you make the same impact where ever you go, that you made here...