Saturday, July 30, 2005

Anyway try this again, come to the gig fun! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 24, 2005

My nanna died in her sleep last night, funeral on wednesday.

"Forget about moving into the next flat, i'm never living with you again."

It feels like a cricket live commentary you can read on the net, refreshed every couple of minutes.

Why does my clock on blogger say 4:37pm July 23rd? When it is 1139am July 24th?

"You're just fucking lazy"
"You're just talking fucking bullshit"

Well i'm on the verge of going and living with my parents and then getting another flat (Chris\Goldenaxe is as well) as it's just getting too tense now. Heather just doesn't seem to be happy when i'm around, it's got to a point when yesterday I stayed away from the house as long as possible so as not to come back to fighting. So the dishes got left out, i'd half done them and had to go to the radio show, and i'm off to finish them now, but it's just, I still really do care, still love her to bits, but we're drifting away with little in common now. She doesn't like going to gigs and general crowd things, so recently i've stayed away from them as well, my recording she doesn't get, after making $75 for doing the Alabaster Theatre gig (a moderate success) she asked why I was buying mic cables, maybe cause I have 4 mics and only 2 cables? I wonder if she knows that I want to buy 10 10m lengths and 10 5m lengths.
On another tack, i'm recording my band Alabaster Theatre, it'll be some quick fire live takes maybe onto cassette release (how many cars out there still have tape decks? Heaps!) and probably CDR's as it's going into my computer\pro tools anyway. Post a comment if you want one. (small cost of $3, as i'm living on $150 a week).

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Come along to this gig, should be a blast, early 11pm finish... Posted by Picasa

Events Events! Time To Vent!

My nana is in hospital at the mo, she has pneumonia. While draining out the fluid in her lungs, doctors ran some tests and they found cancerous thingymajigies in the fluid, meaning they've traveled from wherever they came from orginally and now inhabit most of her body. This means she will die, the cancer is inoperable, all the doctors can do is try get rid of this pneumonia as soon as possible, so she dies in as little pain as possible.

The weird thing is, i'm not that close with her. She's been the mean one compared with my nice granny (mean is my mums, nice is my dads). Ever since my parents broke up (when I was four) i've had little contact with my mum's side, as my dad had custody of us.
This meant that while we saw heaps of my dad's family we hardly saw my mum's side. This further seperated us, with few visits and those visits always being fucking tense, as both my nana and my dad hated the sight of each other.
So this situation is weird, i'm sad but not that sad, more because I know how hard my mum and uncles will be taking it. Thats what hits hardest. She has two months left, i'll fly down there in the near future to say hello and have a chance to say goodbye to my nana.

ANYWAY on to other things. The gig's on tomorrow night, starting at about 9:30 and going to 11:00. I'm doing live sound, which should be vaguley scary and yet i'm very excited about it. if you bring 5 people or more it'll be $2 per person...

Jessies party was fun, a few folk I know and a few I didn't, it was nice to meet Ms. Ratpony, although I knew too much about her for two people who'd just met for the first time in the real world.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Fun Fun Fun

Well it's that time of the month again (no not getting drunk and bursting into tears in the shower as my girlfriend rinses the vomit out of my hair) it's university!
Now looking at blackboard (sort of like an online bulletin board for uni students) I saw that only two of my courses were listed up there, "Fuck!" I said to myself, so I went to uni extra early (three hours in fact, that shit always has delays) to sort it out. Turns out I shouldn't trust what blackboard says, as says one of the gnomes busy being worked off their feet with stupid questions, thrust at them by bums on seats like moi.

Speaking of bums on seats, my results are in. Rather than taking a bite from one grade pie, im trying a number of them including the A- pie, the B- pie and the C+ pie. Rahter than like just being boring and staying with one part of the grade pyramid, i'm like all promiscuous and shit, thats my contribution to upkeeping the hippie ideals of the 60's going, free love man! But in all seriousness, i'm more happy with the fact that I got an A- and a C+ than if I got three B's, as it says "hey if I can be bothered I can actually do half decently!" so as with British press puppet master Alister Chambell, I'm happier getting a C+ than I would have been getting a B, it shows that I have more capability to succed...

What else has been happening? Well i'm still trying to get this Alabaster Theatre gig (on the 21st of July at Bodega) up and running, the problem is the paucity of bands around. Cortina, Hot Swiss, The Raskolnikovs, Charlie Ash, So So Modern, The Dukes of Lesiure, are the band's i've approached and for various reasons they can't play that night. James says just do the empty thursday and deal with it, i'm thinking thats what will happen, only we'll push it hard so people atleast become aware of the name! I really like them, as they're a good band, who are getting better and better with every gig, one thing that helps is they really are into what they do and you can see it when Lester sings his heart out and the feeling coming from the vibe, I started with them thinking they were ok, I was more interested in Bernie being in the band. But they have a bloody good drummer (Brad) who although possessing a 23 peice kit, knows how to use it and is as comfortable on snare, kick and hi-hats, plus Bernie's pretty good on the keys with Lester and Duncan being not too shabby on guitar and bass respectively. Anyway enough of that rant, look out for them, as they're one of the few good bands in Wellington with some sort of potential.

If anyone knows a (good) band who would be keen to play at bodega on the 21st then get them to email me at everything_and_nothing_at_all (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) nz