Wednesday, September 07, 2005

You Cunts Thought You'd Lost Me!

I'm still alive and guess what! I'm running for the dirty old VUWSA (student association) exec, as activities officer in particular. If elected i'd get to organise Orientation and free gigs around town.
I have a marginally good chance of getting in, as there are only seven candidates running for five positions and one of them is running unopposed for treasurer. Nick Kelly (me and him are like socialist brothers, you know how me and my leech like knack for sucking onto power) was telling me about elections a few years ago with seventeen candidates, that only four people are campaigning and i'm the only one properly postering (I knew managing a band would come in handy) means I might well get in. In honour of that slight statistical probability i'm writing this at the VUWSA offices as we have no internet at my new flat.

Jumping to that topic, my new place is mint. $72.50 for wall to wall shelving, a room the same size as my other room, 5 minutes from uni, on the FLAT (big improvement over last dwellings) and not containing any obvious dickheads (once there are two of us thats when it's bad, i'm pretty harmless by myself). I could and would say i'm fucking stoked.

In other news, Alabaster Theatre are playing for FREE at upstairs Bodega this friday, yes mother fucking FREE! So all you lazy internet nerds (James, Jo, Lisa and that other guy who reads this page) better come down and support me, this stress filled campaign is really taking it out on me.

In short i'm not dead and am not offically a blogger (according to my media studies lecturer I need to post weekly or I don't count) OMG he didn't even know what LiveJournal was!)