Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ho Hum, This Is Too Much Like Radio For My Own Liking

AS mentioned above, I write this diatrade without expecting it to be read (I hear you can track that stuff...). Much like radio you just go on anyway. My last show was a bit of a mess, as I rang Chris Know but found out that MUNT had had a toll bar imposed on it. So there went that avenue.
Fuck lots of time wasted writing this go check it out

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I'll fight on the beaches i'll fight in the VUWSA....

Week in week out, joel works hard. I'm roadieing for Electric Six today, i'm volunteering but it has it's perks (fed and watered!). so that's taking up all today (early tomorrow morning methinks) and tomorrow I go to the Alabaster Theatre practice to take some photos of them. For some reason they think that having me take them will some how create amazing art...
In other news I am now the member of a fully formed unmaned party band. We practice on Tuesdays and I need to get drunk at them to get the creative juices flowin, we've got two songs at the mo, one about dancing and one about a pinky bar. It's good fun, i've been meaning to do something for a while and we were just like fuck it lets do it...
My other drama has been salient. I applied for music editor, cause I guess I think i'd do a bloody good job and all (you know pretty much the reason you do that underappreciated position). Anyway they tell me that I can't cause i'm also on VUWSA (their purse-strings) and it would be conflict of interest, ignoring the fact that arts editor isn't a political position to start with. So anyway I'll see what i'll do about it, if the editor says no, he says no, the whole editorial content free from outside influence thing means what he says goes, so sucksors. I was looking forward to it.
At the moment i'm doing the whole radio show game, we're just crusing myspace for songs it's surprising fun, with an equally surprising amount of nudity, can't beat that...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

It's Been A Long Time Coming.

Well i've finally figured out how to post shit on here (I've had a link that I went straight to for ages. I don't have the net, but slingshot should be coming through soon... Well here's hoping.

I've been elcted onto the VUWSA executive at vic uni. There are five positions up for grabs. I want activites, thats why I went up for the elections. I manage bands, promote gigs etc. etc. I know what goes on and I know how to do it. Yet one thing stands in my way. The woman (thats what they are now, not girls like at high school, feels weird, I'm getting all big and old now!) who came first get's her choice of the five positions. Obviously she's decided she wants activities, mainly cause she thinks it sounds like fun. Yes i'll admit there are soem great aspects to activities, yet it's definatley a hard job, full of lots of routine donkey work..
Hopefully this gets all sorted out and we can all live peacfully. Otherwise I guess i'll just end up pissed off for the rest of the year. Gotta get myself a sign saying "don't create excessive tension in this year's exec" so as not to enact a repeat of last year (thats assuming that there really was conflict and not plain uninteresting laziness on behalf of some members). Having got to know a few of them, while at the same time making damn sure to stay out of them (unlike some current members of the exec who have caught colds from those intimate relations and passed them on to the rest of the student politicians) I can safely say that I get on well with pretty much all of them.
Bunch of newbies that they are you gotta lay two things down

a) don't write letters to salient, you know how you laugh at the retards who write stupid eye-rolling letters? Well people consider you one of those munters as well, the less amoo you give them (letters are one form) the less they're opinions are confirmed.

b) don't try to fight salient atleast until the second half of the year. They enjoy fighting you as they have nothing else to do, as well as it being good training for their future job in journalism. Also remember that they have a forum for addressing student's. To get through to them you have to usually go through Salient...

Anyway now that i've finished this and found out how to post I can now reclaim my description of being a blog.