Monday, November 21, 2005

Blah Blah Blah

Joanna is now on my back. Nice to have her watching with pursed eyes... What do I do when folk like Jeremy are waging a private little war against me? Well first off I scoff at his claims of my muppetship, as he did absolutely nothing this year. We still have Ngai Tauria to deal next year (we need to nut out how much money VUWSA gives them) and the ONE protest we took part in wasn't nearly as succesfull as it could have been (touch wood for next year).
Where does all this bitchiness come from? Is it my fault? I think part of the problem is I just haven't got on with Jeremy and so unlike Nick who enjoys seeing me arrive every day, Jeremy just gets pissed off seeing me pop my head into the office. I'm getting on well with quite a few of the new exec, although I split Caroline's lip, we're still very good friends, while Delia is coming around for dinner.
Did I mention I made a dream of a pie this afternoon? Apple strudel filling with a custard top. Once again it's a dream! So tasty! Pasta with homemade tomato sauce with cashews to boot, I love being able to survive on not very much...
It was funny walking to the sunday market (obviously on sunday), because as I went through Aro park I pretty much saw a cross-section of the Aro. Namely a couple of student types sun bathing, some bogans drinking cheap beer on the hill, yuppies jogging by and a homeless guy listening to his radio on one of the park benches. Makes me appreciate life, those moments, they're almost my New Zealand 'Parklife'.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Why can't I see comments?

I've had about 6 comments and they're not showing up on my blogger page! Can anyone offer some advice?

Monday, November 07, 2005

It Must Be About Time To Go Emo?

Break ups always suck, I haven't been through very many, ok I've been through two. But that's not the point, as my most recent one was the ending of my almost three year relationship with Heather. I don't remember if I already wrote about it in depth, but really I don’t care and I can go over things twice or thrice if I want to!
We broke up because we were drifting different ways and she was feeling a bit suffocated by my overbearing personality. We broke up when I left for Auckland, pretty much giving her 30 minutes notice that I was going away for the week. The next day in the van I knew it was pretty much over.
Dealing with it getting back has been weird, we did the whole “we’re single we can sleep with whom ever we want including each other” line, but that stopped awhile ago and now we’re trying to figure out how to deal with each other. Because the fact of the matter is we still get on and we’re still good friends, so much so that we did some midnight poster runs for bitchcraft last night without any shenanigans. I still really dig here but some times you just gotta go on with life and deal with things. This all leads to my next major problem. I’m so out of touch with the whole romance thing it’s not FUNNY. It's been weird, as now there's a big gap where Heather used to be...

I spent my college years as first a tiny picked on 3rd/4th former at an all boys school, I progressed to the gawky and ungainly 5th/6th form bully stage and finally got sick of the whole thing by 7th. As I was at an all boys school and had little contact with the ladies from my primary school haunt, I was very socially inept. Drunken parties didn’t help and neither did the usually awkward shyness hidden by false brashness. I had a 3 month relationship and then it was onto Heather. Curious note: I have never gone out with anyone who was not a Heather, how’s that for a niche aye?!
So anyway I’m in bachelor land at the mo and I’m trying to figure out how to go, do I spend an age waiting for the Ms. Right (sorry but I just don’t rate the chances of a Mr. Right, you can place your bets, but just like betting on the first 2006 VUWSA execer to buckle, in both cases I put myself as a longshot) or just go about my merry wild way until I wake up and figure out we’ve been going out for an awful long time making it a proper relationship.
So now with my pretty crap socialising/spading skills already pretty under strength as it was ala the French army pre WWII. Three years of little usage has rendered what little I had rusty, leaving me in a similar situation as the French army after their surrender in 1940…

Enough navel gazing. I’ve got work to do! The planning stages of a Vic Radio Station, which I so want to do just as a told-you-so to all the people, who just think it can’t be done e.g. “do Active actually own their frequency?” “Of course they do!” “ummmm I can’t find anything that says they do and the way Active describe their ownership of the frequency leads me to think it’s still ours, they just don’t want us to know we own it…” “It still can’t be done”.
If anyone out there wants to have some input, excluding the fact most of the people who read this are mid-20’s looking for love a good job and something else quite intangible in no particular order. Buzz me a line at joel (dot) cosgrove (at) vuwsa (dot) org (dot) nz

Muppet Muppet Muppet


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

And We Bake

Well exams have finished. Bluffing my way through, I think I did alright. English was stupid, as I just lost interest, yes the books are interesting, but I just got sick of trying to figure out what the author meant, constantly trying to figure out every nunance of what they could have meant. It's just plain boring, whereas i've been quite diggin media studies, actually arguing my own opinions obviously based on evidence. So I might be a whore and switch to POLS next year, cause I hear POLS 351 (I think) is a good course, atleast the topics covered look fun.

Orientation organising goes along well, I should stop telling select people who we're lining up, cause there could be an ace house party... And there's not much space there at all...

Anyone got a job? I'd like the idea of working...