Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Here We go! I expect to see you all here!

New Year/Christmas Festivities!

Aparently there'll be the invitation appearing along with this to my New Years what ever the fuck it will be. 176 Aro St. I'm suspicious of technology...
Christmas was fun, having two Christmas lunches has it's benefits i.e. more food than one! My Dad's one was boring, the presents uninspired (mine included) and the atmosphere awkward. Sounds like christmas? The night before Sam and I started a fire in our backyard and let it go for around 5 hours. Drinking beer and burning stuff as we brought in Christmas day was a blast, Nick and Scotty passed through at different times, fires seem to be a very boy thing though, I just got rolled eye and concerned questions when mentioning it to any girls around, was I just asking the wrong ones? My Mum's was a different affair entirely. Much more food (I actually left her place full as a bull, rather than the peckishness of my Dad's) and a more happier enviroment in all. She got me the updated edition of 'Stranded In Paradise', which really floated my boat, along with six pairs of socks, which perfectly complemented the book as something to enjoy with the socks being a much more practical present i.e. I needed them!
I've been sleeping in a fair bit more recently, for quite a while I couldn't sleep in past 8 or 9 o clock. It was fucking annoying! But my hectic Christmas of two parties most nights has at least meant i've been tired and slept for a decent time. Heres hoping.
I'll see you all on New Years Eve (probably *insert threatening raised fist*) or sometime around then.

P.S. is anyone else thinking of going down to Blenheim to see The Datsuns? That would be one of the funniest gigs in a while, no one from Blenheim will go they're all boyracing in Nelson, so it'll be whom ever is going through there that night...

Dx3 I saw them again...

My little toe on my right foot got stamped or smashed or somethign recently. I didn't think much of it until it went black. I lived with it, being a little socially uneasy when my naked foot was on show, but apart from that it just sat there blackening. I'll post pictures up soon when I come into possesion of a digital camera, the reason I want to is because my nail is slowly coming off. At first it was just wiggly, then it started to wiggle more and more and now the blackened stump I used to address as the little nail is only held on by a little peice still clinging to me. To give you a good indication it can now form a 90 degree angle when pushed upwards. All this doesn't hurt, just looks cool, and the reason it's black? Dried blood...
On a less disgusting (well not much less actually) note, I went along to Die! Die! Die! last night with Nick. I've been taking him to to gigs recently, Cortina being the most recent. It works well as he gets a much better indication fo where the Wellington music scene actually is, rather than vague assumptions previously held. We got to Goodluck in good time, early in fact. I hardly go there (last time was actually the first Dx3 gig) except when there's a gig on or i'm being wined and dined for free, both of which don't happen often... Now anyway we got there and the eliteist fucking scenesters hanging out by the doorway gave us ample warning of the type of crowd who'd be there.We went down and hung out in a corner as a parade of kids in their too-cool-for-you outfits paraded by. People talking about how many times they'd seen Dx3 etc. etc. Fighting The Shakes played first and they sucked, for many of the same reasons I dislike the emo scene. Namely the music is a total knock off of the leading bands of the genre. These local bands aren't as good live, mainly because they're new and not as gig-hardened. But they also just follow the current hip formula, totally uninteresting yet not technically awful, their problem is often the leading band is doing something new/slightly different i.e. Korn, Tool and everyone in their wake just follows along. There was nothing in their performance that made them stand out from anything else I've heard recently, the spark just wasn't there for me. I wasn't surprised that no one was dancing for them. I was surprised at some of the arrogant comments coming from some scenesters I recognised about the crowd being a bunch of newbies who didn't know good music and bemoaning this "un-wellington" crowd. We might dance more freely than some city crowds just look at the 650 people jammed into Indigo to watch Electric Six recently but as Nick pointed out the music just didn't lend itself to dancing either, this wasn't a crowd who wanted to just run around kicking and hitting each other like the crowd at a couple of Auckland hardcore shows I saw recently at fucking Papa Jacks (God bless it's closure!).
Kill Surf City from Auckland were good in the indie guitar vein, similar but not too close to Dx3. The singer was interesting, gave me a couple of ideas for my foetus of a band. The band was a decent improvement on Fighting The Shakes and it showed with the crowd getting more into it, the Trashe girls pulling out some moves (were they wearing body painted swimsuits underneath their jackets or was it really tight swimsuits?) with the crowd starting to dance.
There were two bouncers up front stopping people from getting too close to the bands or their gear, they were big and threatening and so the atmosphere was weirdly subdued. Andrew from Dx3 saw to that, doing the Obi-Wan wave of the arms thing halfway through their set. The band were good, not as good as i've seen them before but solid, if a little slower than usual. Once the bouncers were give their orders, things sorted themselves out. The one thing from the Goodluck gig was the sweat, it was horrible. My fault for wearing a polo turtleneak but shit! I was soaked, literally soaked. I usually wait till the morning to have a shower but not that night, I chucked my wet clothes in the wash and had a warm shower.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's Summertime...

When couples are PDAing on the little knoll right next to the student union you know it's summer. When you start that beastly process known as sweating and young ladies start inviting you out for coffee *wink wink* you know it's summer.
Personally I much prefer winter, but lacking the neccesary powers to make a difference at all (bar burning refridgerators) i'll just soldier on and try not to get a tan, as we all know of the double dangers involved in dealings with the sun in NZ nowdays *Joel raises fist at the ozone hole*.
Can I just get all like introspective [on a second reading i'm actually not] and like OMG! Jon Toogood came and hung out at my house for just over two hours yesterday. I was interviewing him for my zine i'm putting out (it's called "Bricolage" people!) and it was great, needless to say during my teenage years (which although only recently past, are definately packed neatly away in my parents attic) Shihad and old Jonny himself were nothing lessthan my idols. So we were able to knatter on for ages.
Sadly for those who've been waiting for something, no Arcade Fire, no Trans Am and no Dead C, we do get Elemeno P though!