Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Year/Christmas Festivities!

Aparently there'll be the invitation appearing along with this to my New Years what ever the fuck it will be. 176 Aro St. I'm suspicious of technology...
Christmas was fun, having two Christmas lunches has it's benefits i.e. more food than one! My Dad's one was boring, the presents uninspired (mine included) and the atmosphere awkward. Sounds like christmas? The night before Sam and I started a fire in our backyard and let it go for around 5 hours. Drinking beer and burning stuff as we brought in Christmas day was a blast, Nick and Scotty passed through at different times, fires seem to be a very boy thing though, I just got rolled eye and concerned questions when mentioning it to any girls around, was I just asking the wrong ones? My Mum's was a different affair entirely. Much more food (I actually left her place full as a bull, rather than the peckishness of my Dad's) and a more happier enviroment in all. She got me the updated edition of 'Stranded In Paradise', which really floated my boat, along with six pairs of socks, which perfectly complemented the book as something to enjoy with the socks being a much more practical present i.e. I needed them!
I've been sleeping in a fair bit more recently, for quite a while I couldn't sleep in past 8 or 9 o clock. It was fucking annoying! But my hectic Christmas of two parties most nights has at least meant i've been tired and slept for a decent time. Heres hoping.
I'll see you all on New Years Eve (probably *insert threatening raised fist*) or sometime around then.

P.S. is anyone else thinking of going down to Blenheim to see The Datsuns? That would be one of the funniest gigs in a while, no one from Blenheim will go they're all boyracing in Nelson, so it'll be whom ever is going through there that night...


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