Monday, January 16, 2006

Please Excuse Me. As I Didn't Sleep Much Over The Weekend.

Two complaints about girls

1: They use all the toilet paper. Now I know why they do, and why they HAVE to, but shit still annoying, specially in an all guy flat, where that stuff hangs around for ages and NEVER runs out...

2: They always get cold. I'm running around in my lavalava and t-shirt last night and she's all like "i'm cold!" while wearing my leather jacket! Sheesh

Having said all that there are some positives which outway those minor issues. Some we are all aware of and need no discussion.

Big Day Out in a few days, I leave on Wednesday morning, hopefully in orkland mid-afternoon... Hopefully I actually manage to hang out with non-Wellingtonians. I mean it's great hanging out, but you don't travel up to Auckland to socialise with the people you see down at Bodega every weekend... Did I say Bodega? Must have been wrong, I mean who goes there anymore?
Every man/woman and their dog seem to be heading up north, hope the traffic jams aren't too bad...


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