Friday, January 13, 2006

So I Won A BDO Ticket...

Thought I may as well put up my story I won my ticket with...

I showed up to see Electric Six at Indigo Bar in Wellington recently. Mainly to see them play 'Gay Bar' and 'Danger High Voltage' as well as a few other songs I knew. The Offbeats were just starting as I arrived. They were fun, had a good portion of the crowd dancing, you know, the good solid support act. Odessa were on next and continued what The Offbeats had started, nothing too flash, but again solid.
By the time the members of Electric Six came on stage the place was packed, more than I've seen at Indigo for a long time. The term 'sardines in a tin can' describes the situation pretty well. Shit hit the fan when the band started. It was jump or be jumped on! All I could do was jump up and down and be carried about by the crowd. I had no control over anything at all. It was crazy!
After a few songs I just thought "fuck it" as the mosh was not really the best place to enjoy the band from, my hands being pined tightly to my sides, I couldn't move them at all and the accidental groping was getting embarrassing! So I did the only thing one could in that position. I motioned to the people next to me to lift me up! Now not everyone enjoys or has the courage to crowd surf, but in my experience pretty much anyone will lift you up. And help me they did! Up I went and was quickly cruising about, being passed back by the crowd. The huge sound desk was looking alarmingly close so I motioned for the people passing me along to move me to the left, closely averting an expensive crash…
It was then I figured out that I could potentially be up there for a while. No one seemed to be getting tired of pushing me along, so I did figure eights, circles, left/right and then back again all over the place! I climbed along some metal pipes hanging off the roof, fell down, crowd surfed to the back and joined in the crowd, where there was a little bit more space than the cramped confines of the mosh pit up front. Surprisingly this story hasn't even been exaggerated after a few retellings. I'd be lying if I didn't say I had a fucking great time!

James Guthrie
to me
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4 Jan
Joel,you're a winner! Where do I send the ticket?


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