Wednesday, February 08, 2006

MMMMMM 42 Below Vodka

NZUSA conference was fun, I made some noise, pissed some people off (I know being a commie is quite 'radical' but you only realise it at something like an NZUSA conference!)

A friend was going to Aussie recently and I asked her if she was buying her allowance of alcohol. She said no and I now have a litre of manuka honey 42 Below... Tastes good with E2 Apple flavour (a bit fluro green for my liking)

Volunteer wise, we're having a meeting tomorrow at the 'kumes (big kumara, how I dislike that place!) dishing out jobs to people who are keen. 7:30 if you're interested.

Email me at joel (dot) cosgrove (at) vuwsa (dot) org (dot) nz!